Mercy Lake

Coming in 2022

Meet Orson Carver. A former policeman and decorated officer of the law. A man recently released from prison after serving five years for a crime he doesn’t deny doing.

But sometimes the past doesn’t want to be forgotten.

Carver’s story unfolds through a series of interviews with forensic journalist, Elin Eklund. During the interviews she becomes increasingly convinced there was something amiss with the trial that sent him to prison. The last text Carver receives from her before she disappears says only ‘I’ve found something’.  Carver’s search for the missing journalist leads him to a murder suspect from an old case. When the suspect is murdered, the police assume the obvious. Orson Carver has killed again.

Carver goes underground to hide from a police force that wants him to be guilty. While retracing the journalists research, he wonders why she was looking into the unsolved Mercy Lakes Murders, 30 years previous.

His faith is challenged when the investigation leads him to the doorsteps of the Catholic Church and he grapples to uncover secrets the local priest is keeping.

While he struggles to make sense of the investigation, he begins to understand who he really is, and that he might have another chance at life.