Mercy Lake

Coming in the Spring of 2022

Meet Orson Carver. A former policeman and decorated officer of the law. A man who recently walked out of prison after serving 5 years for killing his wife, a crime he doesn’t deny. All he wants is to forget his past and try to pull together some semblance of a life.

But sometimes the past doesn’t want to be forgotten.

Carver’s backstory unfolds through a series of interviews with young journalist, Elin Eklund. During the interviews she becomes increasingly convinced that there’s more to Carver’s story than even he can fathom. The last text he receives from her before she disappears says only “I’ve found something”. Given his history, the police assume the obvious. Orson Carver has killed again.
Carver is forced to retrace the journalist’s last steps to discover what she found in order to prove his innocence and avoid a return to prison. During the ensuing investigation he learns Elin Eklund was also investigating the unsolved “Mercy Lake Murders” that occurred 30 years previous. He wonders what connection this could possibly have with his own case.
While Carver struggles to make sense of the case, he begins to understand who he really is, and that he might have another chance at life.
Don’t miss this riveting tale of a man who gave up on life only to find that life hasn’t given up on him.