Gary’s pre-writing career focused primarily on IT management, a pursuit that chose him many years ago. He now lives outside of Ottawa but his books take place in Montreal, the city he grew up knowing and loving. At this point in his writing career, he cannot claim any universally accepted plaudits or writing awards, those are yet to come. His books fall into the general classification of mysteries, but also include many of the elements found in crime thriller and suspense novels.

Gary’s books share the same underlying theme.  The protagonists work in the grey area that straddles legal and moral boundaries, and often finds themselves battling a legal/police system as corrupt as the criminals they chase.

The Elliot & Rivka series feature the PI team of Elliot Forsman and Rivka Goldstein. Elliot seeks justice at all costs, and Rivka, due to her background as a police officer, tends to play it by the book.

The Murder in the City series will feature stand-alone stories. The stories take place in Montreal and will co-exist with each other in the same city by sharing secondary characters, even if the protagonist is different.