(Elliot Forsman Mystery #1)

An old man is brutally murdered while out for his morning walk on Mount Royal.
Not satisfied with the police investigation, his son Elliot Forsman, is compelled to leave his criminology professorship so he can focus his fledgling PI practice on finding his father’s killer. Elliot and his partner, former policewoman Rivka Goldstein, track down the killer only to find themselves caught in a web of corporate conspiracy and hired mercenaries where even the local police cannot be trusted.
Finding himself hopelessly in over his head, Elliot abandons the case in an effort to prevent those closest to him from being killed. Soon after, he stumbles across information that rocks the very foundation of his beliefs causing him to take up the investigation again. Knowing that he is completely out-manned, Elliot enlists a man from his past to help combat his adversaries. A man with a history of violence who understands the deadly world that the mercenaries live in.
Before justice can be served, Elliot must first save his partner from evil incarnate and overcome his own demons while doing so.