Mercy Lake

(Orson Carver #1)

“Coffin delivers again with Mercy Lake – a tense, gritty thriller, elevated by very human characters struggling with shadows from the past. Couldn’t put it down!” – MCR Marshall, author of Delphi’s Shadow.

A body floating in a drum of solvent…

A woman gunned down in her bedroom …

A 30-year old unsolved double murder…

And a young journalist who wouldn’t quit. 

Disgraced former detective, Orson Carver, must find the connection or more innocents will die. Including himself. 

Carver’s story unfolds through a series of interviews with Elin Eklund, a forensic journalist with exceptional instincts. During the interviews she becomes increasingly convinced there was something amiss with the trial that sent Carver to prison. The last text Carver receives from her before she goes missing says only ‘I’ve found something’. 

Already in the police crosshairs, Carver has to find the journalist to save himself and others… if she’s still alive.   His hunt for the missing journalist brings him face to face with the Catholic Church. An institution he can trust. Or can he? 

While Carver struggles to make sense of the investigation his faith in humanity is restored from the most unlikely of places. He begins to understand who he really is and that he might have another chance at life.