Passage into Darkness

(An Elliot & Rivka Mystery #3)

Don’t miss the exciting third installment of the Elliot & Rivka series as Elliot must break all the rules to rein in a human trafficking ring.

An elderly philanthropist hires Elliot and Rivka to investigate why the body of an Asian female washed up on the river shore. While Elliot is busy investigating, the body of another young woman is discovered being disposed of in a mortuary incinerator. The woman turns out to be someone from Rivka’s past, a former officer, and close friend.

Manon Petit, the Montréal Chief of Police, believes the two deaths may be connected. Working against her moral compass, she enlists Elliot and JFK Investigations to aid in her efforts to contain a human trafficking issue before it explodes. Elliot is asked to use whatever methods he can to solve the murders. Methods that aren’t necessarily sanctioned by officers of the law.

While Elliot investigates the drowned girl, Rivka looks into the murder of her former friend. The investigation leads her to question why her friend walked away from the Police and into a life of crime five years previous. Elliot and Rivka find themselves entangled in the middle of a human trafficking ring that proves to be too big for JFK Investigations. In order to bring the traffickers to justice, they must break all the rules.