Occam’s Razor

(A Rivka and Elliot Mystery #4)

Don’t miss this electrifying tale of murder and greed when PI Rivka Goldstein is hired to investigate the death of an elderly billionaire. This modern take on the classic who-dun-it will keep you up at night as it leads you down dark corridors and into the corrupt world of the ultra-rich.

Rivka Goldstein, now at the helm of JFK Investigations, receives a package from a lawyer containing a note along with fifty thousand dollars. The note is from a recently deceased billionaire requesting that, upon his death, JFK is to investigate, regardless of the circumstances. Teamed with Marc Morrison, a dispassionate Detective on the outs with the Department, their ensuing investigation leads Rivka into the corrupt world of the ultra-rich and their entitlements. As she peels back the layers of family dysfunction, she uncovers a corporate conspiracy involving the billionaire’s company, his grown children, and the highest levels of organized crime in Montréal. During the investigation she teaches the young Detective that, contrary to Occam’s supposition, the simplest explanation is always not the best one.
Rivka has to set aside her own desires to bring the guilty to justice and in the process exposes the true cost of greed.